Course summary: Make the switch to Visio 2013

The ribbon

Home : Format text and paragraphs. Align and position shapes. Group and ungroup shapes. Send shapes forward or backward. Add shapes to layers.

Insert : Add new pages, insert pictures, and put callouts and containers onto the page.

Design : Change to portrait or landscape, change the page size, set the background, and configure connector settings.

Data : Link data to shapes, add data graphics, and open the Shape Data window.

Process : Create new subprocesses, work with SharePoint workflows.

Review : Check spelling, change the dictionary, insert comments, and draw freeform ink.

View : Turn on the ruler, grid, and guides. Show task panes like the Size & Position window, and the Pan & Zoom window.

File : Convert to .vsdx. Print and print preview. Export to another format. Change Visio options.

Create a diagram

  1. Click File>New and search for online templates.

  2. Click File>New>Featuredand scroll through the list of popular templates.

  3. Click File>New>Categories to browse through categories of templates.

Get more shapes

  1. In the Shapes window, click Search.

  2. In the Shapes window, click More Shapes.

  3. In the Shapes window, click More Shapes>My Shapes>Favorites.


  1. To zoom in or out, use the Zoom slider at the bottom of the program.

  2. To switch between open files, click the Switch Windows button in the lower right corner of the program.

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