Course summary: Make the switch to Publisher 2013


Start Publisher, or click File > New. If you’re connected to the Internet, click Featured, the template you want, then Create. If you saved a publication as a template, click Personal. To use templates that come with Publisher, click Built-In., click the category you want, then the template. Optionally, change colors and fonts, business information and page sizes, then click Create.

The ribbon

Click a tab (Home, Insert, etc.) o show the ribbon. Click the pushpin in the lower-right corner to keep the ribbon open. Home tab: Find and replace, format text and change fonts, add images and tables. Insert tab: Pages, borders, headers, footers, page numbers. Page Design tab: Page setup and color schemes. Mailings tab: Mail-merges. Review tab: check spelling. View tab: Show or hide guides and rulers, use master pages. Contextual tabs appear and disappear, depending on what you’re doing.

The Backstage

Click File to go the Backstage. It has a series of tabs.

Click Info to edit business information, run Design Checker and manage fonts. Click New to create a new file, Open to open a file, and Save to save your work. Save As lets you save to your drive or an online service. Click Print to print, Share to email files, and Export to create PDFs, publish as HTML, and use Pack and Go. Click Account to and add an online service. Click Options to set program options.

Add an online service

Click Account > Add a service > Storage, then Office 365 SharePoint or OneDrive and sign in. Adding a service in Publisher makes it available in the other Office 2013 programs.


  1. Click Home > Pictures, then one of the options.

  2. Press Shift and click to select multiple images.

  3. Drag images from the scratch area, use the handles to resize, then click Fill on the ribbon.

  4. Click an image, then Picture Effects, select an effect.

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