Course summary: Make the switch to OneNote 2013

Just start working

Open a OneNote 2007 file, or click File > New. Select a location, give your notebook a name, and click Create Notebook.

The ribbon

The tools you use most are on the Home tab. Click Insert to add screen clippings, audio, or video. Click Draw to set ink preferences and convert ink to text. Use History to manage versions of your pages, Reviewto check spelling, and the Viewtab to set sizes, and change views.

Convert files

Convert a OneNote 2007 file to OneNote 2013

  • Right-click the notebook tab and click Properties > Convert to 2010-2013.

    Convert a OneNote 2013 file to OneNote 2007

  • Right-click the notebook tab and click Properties > Convert to 2007.

Open existing files

  • Click File > Open.

Keep the ribbon open

  • Click the push pin in the lower-right corner of the ribbon so it points downward.

History & Recycle Bin

  • Click History.

Sharing & exporting notes

  • Click File > Share, then click an option such as Move Notebook.

  • Click File > Export. Choose a format and click Export.

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