Course summary: Calendar basics

Create an appointment

Since we're just starting out, let's keep it simple and add a new appointment. Click where you want to add the appointment on your calendar, and on the ribbon, click Home > New Appointment.

Change how you view the calendar

For example, start with the Arrangebuttons on the Hometab. View a single day, the week, the work week (which excludes Saturday and Sunday), or a whole month. Schedule View displays the calendar on a horizontal timeline.

Create a meeting

Just click Invite Attendees, and the appointment becomes an email form, with a To line and a Send button. Click To to open the address book, click a name, then click Required. Or if a person isn’t required at the meeting, click Optional.

Use the Scheduling Assistant

Add attendees, see their schedules and availability, book a meeting room, see who accepted and who declined, and more, all thanks to the Scheduling Assistant.

Share your calendar

The more you work with Outlook, the more comfortable you'll get using it to communicate and share information with other people.

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