Course summary: Backgrounds in PowerPoint

Backgrounds: First steps

If you want to start from scratch, just right-click on a blank part of the slide. Click Format Backgrounds. A menu appears on the right-hand side and you can use colors, pictures, or textures. Remember, this is the background of your presentation, so don’t be afraid to use white or black. Don’t let the background overwhelm your presentation.

A bit about Slide Masters

Watermarks and logos are often found in the PowerPoint Slide Master. If you don’t know how to work with Slide Masters, you’ll need to learn about opening and closing them. To open the Slide Master, select View>Slide Master. Make sure you select the Close Master Viewbutton when you are done with changes.

Picture backgrounds: Two methods

  • Click Insert>Pictures to add images such as logos.

  • To use pictures as a backgrounds, reduce transparency so text can be seen. Right-click a blank part of the slide. Click Format Backgrounds > Picture or texture fill, use the menu to change transparency.

Removing backgrounds

If you can’t remove a background, it may be part of a theme. On the Home Tab, click the Layout button to see what the slides look like. You can change a theme by going to the Design tab and mousing over the different designs. The Office Theme is the simplest with a blank background.

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