Correct the information or picture for a contact

If a contact has the wrong photo or incorrect data, there’s a good chance that two different people have been linked by accident. You can unlink them and still keep them both in your list of contacts. (If you just want to update information for a contact, see Edit a contact.)

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click People.

    Click People

  2. In the ribbon, in Current View, click People.

    Select People in Current View

  3. Click a contact.

  4. Under View Source, click Link Contacts to see the linked contacts for this person.

    Link Contacts button in Contact Card

  5. Click Delete icon next to the person who doesn’t belong there.

    Incorrectly linked contacts

Note:  Clicking Delete icon only removes a contact from the Linked Contacts list; it doesn’t delete the contact from your contact list in Outlook.

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