Copy and paste in Chrome with the Office Online Extension

In Internet Explorer or Edge, when editing a file in Office Online, it's easy to copy text or paste a picture into your file using either the Ribbon or by right-clicking and choosing copy or paste. In Chrome, however, when you try to copy or paste that way an alert pops up asking you to use the keyboard shortcuts instead. That's because Chrome doesn't let web pages trigger the Paste function. As a result we've had to ask you to use the keyboard shortcuts instead. A lot of you want to be able to use the Ribbon or the right-click menu as intended in Chrome also and we've heard you! The Office Online extension enables that functionality and it's available, free, from the Chrome Web Store today.

Get the extension

To get the free Office Online extension follow these steps:

  1. Click this link or navigate to the Chrome Web Store in your Chrome browser and search the Extensions for "Office Online". The official Office Online extension in the Chrome Web Store

    Add the Office Online extension from the Chrome Web Store
  2. In the Office Online dialog box choose Add to Chrome from the top right of the window. Chrome will ask you to confirm that you want to install it. Click Add extension and it will install in your browser, then present you with a confirmation message.

    Chrome notifies you that the Office Online extension has been successfully added

Now you should see the Office Online extension icon The Office Online extension ready for business in Chrome on the Chrome extensions menu at the top right of your browser. You've got the extension installed and ready to use.

All of the copy and paste functionality of Office Online should now be fully operational for you in Chrome.

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