Convert records in Business Contact Manager

When a potential customer, a Lead, becomes an actual customer, you can convert the Lead record into a Business Contact record.

If you have created other types of records that are based on the Account or Business Contact record types, you can also convert those records, when you need to.

Note: You can convert records only to other records that are based on the same record type. For example, if you have created a Vendor record that is based on the Account record type, you can convert an Account record into a Vendor record, or the other way around. You cannot convert an Account into a Business Contact.

For more information about record types, see How record types work together in Business Contact Manager.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, under Business Contact Manager, click one of the following folders:

    • Contact Management.

    • Sales.

      Why aren't the other folders listed?

      By default, the Marketing and Project Management folders do not contain Account or Business Contact records. You can convert only the records that are based on the Account or Business Contact record types.

  2. Click the Accounts, Business Contacts, or Leads tab that contains the records that you want to convert.

    Note: Leads are a type of Business Contact.

  3. Click the records that you want to convert.

    How do I select more than one record?

    To select records that are adjacent to each other, press the SHIFT key, and then click the first and last records of the group that you want to add. To select nonadjacent records, press the CTRL key, and then click the individual records. To select all records, click one, and then press CTRL+A.

  4. On the Ribbon, in the Edit group, click Convert To, and then click the type of record that you are converting the selected records to.

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