Consult before transfer

You can consult with the intended call recipient before the transfer is made by using the Consult button in the Conversation window. This keeps the caller on hold while you talk to the target recipient. Use this feature to make sure the recipient wants to accept the call, and to otherwise prepare the recipient for the conversation.

Consult with a call recipient before transferring a call

  1. In the Conversation window, click the Consult button. After you click it, this button changes to Connect.

  2. In the Contact List, click the recipient's phone icon. (Or, click their IM bubble icon to consult by instant messaging.)

    Note: When you consult with the intended recipient, a new conversation window opens. The original caller remains connected and their conversation is place on hold and moves to the Hold area. Double-click to switch between conversations.

  3. If the recipient agrees to take the transfer, click the Connect button.

    Note: If the recipient does not want to take the transfer, click the End button to end the consultation. To resume the conversation with the caller, click the Hold button. You can then speak with the caller and take notes before ending the conversation.

If the transfer is successful, no visual indicator is displayed — the call simply disappears from your Conversation window. An unsuccessful transfer displays an error message.

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