Connect your document to a SharePoint site or workspace

robert bogue By Robert Bogue
The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users, my 18th book, contains step-by-step instructions to help end users perform 116 common tasks with SharePoint. A Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MVP, I've been working with SharePoint since the "Tahoe" days in 2000. Corporate editions of this book, including versions with screencasts of the tasks, can be licensed. I work and speak internationally from my home base in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A big plus for using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is its tight integration with Microsoft Office. In Create a document workspace from within a document, Rob demonstrated how to create a document workspace from within a 2007 Microsoft Office system program. In this task, "Connect Office to a SharePoint Site or Workspace," Rob steps through the procedure for linking an Office program to a workspace that has already been created so you can quickly access it using the Open dialog box.

This article is an excerpt from The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users by Robert Bogue. Click the image below to learn how to buy this book. the sharepoint shepherd's guide for end users cover

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Applies To: Excel 2007, SharePoint Server 2007, Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007

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