Connect to an OData feed

  1. In the POWER QUERY ribbon tab, click From Other Source > From OData Feed.

  2. In the OData Feed dialog box, enter the URL for an OData feed.

  3. Click OK.

  4. If the OData feed requires user credentials, in the Access an OData feed dialog box:

    1. Click Windows if the OData feed requires Windows Authentication.

    2. Click Basic if the OData feed requires your username and password.

    3. Click Marketplace key if the OData feed requires a Marketplace account key. You can click the Get your Marketplace Account Key to subscribe to Microsoft Azure marketplace OData feeds. You can also Sign up for Microsoft Azure Marketplace from the Access an OData Feed dialog box.

    4. Click Organizational account if the OData feed requires federated access credentials. For Windows Live ID, log into your account.

    5. Click Save.

Note    Connect to an OData feed supports the JSON light data service format.

Applies To: Excel 2013, Excel 2010

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