Connect to Project Web Access from Outlook

If you have installed and set up the Microsoft Office Project Add-in for Outlook, you can easily connect to Microsoft Office Project Web Access from within Microsoft Office Outlook. On the Tools menu, point to Project Web Access, and then click Project Web Access home page. Office Project Web Access opens in a separate window.

Note   You must identify the URL to your organization's installation of Project Web Access in Outlook before you can access Project Web Access from the Tools menu. To identify the URL, see Install and set up the Microsoft Office Project Add-in for Outlook.

You can also access Office Project Web Access when you are entering your actual work hours in Outlook. In an Outlook task, click Go to Web timesheet to access the Timesheet Center page in Office Project Web Access. This gives you quick access to Office Project Web Access to submit your timesheet to your manager after you have entered and saved your actual work.

Note   The Go to Web timesheet button may be on the Timesheet tab for a task in Outlook.

Applies To: Project 2007

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