Connect to Facebook (Power Query)

Note: Power Query is known as Get & Transform in Excel 2016. Information provided here applies to both. To learn more, see Get & Transform in Excel 2016.

  1. In the Power Query ribbon tab, click From Other Sources > From Facebook.

  2. In the Facebook dialog box, connect to Facebook using “Me”, your Username, or Object ID.

Note:  Your Facebook username is different from your login email.

  1. In the Connection name list, select a node to connect to. For example, select FriendLists to give you access to all information available in your Facebook FriendLists category.

  2. Click OK.

Note:  If this is the first time that you connect to Facebook, you will be asked to provide credentials. Sign in using your Facebook account and allow access to the Power Query application.

After the connection succeeds, you will be able to preview a table containing information about the selected category. For instance, if you select the Friends category, Power Query renders a table containing your Facebook friends by name, and you can expand other information about your friends from the last column in the table.

Formula Example

You can use the Query Editor to write formulas for Power Query.

= Facebook.Graph("")

Query Editor Formula Sample

Note: The Query Editor only appears when you load, edit, or create a new query using Power Query. The following video shows the Query Editor window appearing after editing a query from an Excel workbook. To view the Query Editor without loading or editing an existing workbook query, from the Get External Data section in the Power Query ribbon tab, select From Other Sources > Blank Query. The following video shows one way to display the Query Editor.

How to see Query Editor in Excel

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