Connect a Visio Web drawing to another Web part on a classic page

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You can transfer data between Visio Web Access drawings and other Web Parts. For example, you can send shape data from shapes that are selected to other Web Parts to display or act on, or you can have the Web Part get the URL and page of the diagram to display from another Web Part that sends the information when the name is clicked.

Set up a connection

  1. Add all the Web Parts you want to connect to the page.

  2. In the corner of the Visio Web Access Web Part, click the arrow to open the Visio Web Access Web Part Menu, and then click Edit Web Part.

    Edit a Visio Web Access web part

  3. In Edit Mode, click the arrow to open the Visio Web Access Web Part Menu again, point to Connections, and then click the connection option you want.

    The Edit Web Part connections menu with Connections options displayed
    A Visio Web Access web part that is connected to another web part. In this example, the Visio Web Access web part highlights shapes based upon selections made in a SharePoint list titled “Visio Web Access list.”
  4. Choose which parameter in the Web drawing corresponds to which parameter in the other Web Part.

You can make only one mapping between parameters. If you want to map multiple parameters, use SharePoint Designer to create the mappings.

There are five connection options.

Send Shape Data To

When a shape is selected in the Web diagram, data from the shape data fields are sent to the specified Web Part.

By default, the following items are sent: the shape name, the shape ID, the URL of the Web drawing, and the name of the page that the selected shape is on.

To specify additional shape data items to send, open the Web Part tool pane. Type the labels of the shape data items as a comma-delimited list in the box labeled Expose the following shape data items to web part connections.

Get Web Drawing URL and Page Name From

When Visio Web Access gets the URL and page name from the specified Web Part, it loads the Web Drawing and displays the named page.

Note:  The URL must point to a Web Drawing (*.vdw). The page name must be formatted as it appears in the pages list of the Web Drawing.

Get Shapes to Highlight From

When the specified Web Part sends the name of a shape, that shape is highlighted in the diagram. The Web Part can send a list of names to highlight as a comma-delimited list without spaces – for example, Shape1,Shape2,Shape3 – and also specify the highlight color as a separate parameter.

Get Filter Results From

The connected Web Part must contain a SharePoint list that is being used as a data source for the diagram. When the SharePoint list is filtered, the diagram highlights the shapes that correspond to visible results in the filtered SharePoint list. The diagram must be connected to the SharePoint list that the connected Web Part is displaying.

Note:  To make sure this connection option works correctly, turn on the list’s Server Render property. On the list’s SharePoint page, select Edit Page, then on the list Web Part, select the Web Part Menu arrow and select Edit Web Part. In the Web Part Properties pane, under the Miscellaneous tab, ensure the Server Render checkbox is selected.

Get Shape to View From

When the specified Web Part sends the name of a shape, the diagram view zooms and centers on that shape. You can also specify the zoom percentage as a separate parameter.

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