Configure your server information

In order to use Communicator Mobile, you need a connection to your organization’s IM system. The server and account information that you use to connect with Communicator Mobile is the same information that you use with Communicator 2005. If you do not know your server or account information or if you cannot connect to the IM system, contact your system administrator.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you are signed in, tap Menu > Options.

    • If you are not signed in, tap Options.

  2. Tap the General tab > Server name, and then enter the full address for your Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server. If your Live Communications Server uses a non-standard port, you must include the port number in the server name in <server name>:<port number> format. For example, If you do not know the server address, contact your system administrator.

  3. Tap Connect using, and then tap either TLS to connect using Transport Layer Security protocol or TCP to connect using Transport Control Protocol. If you are not sure which connection protocol to use, contact your system administrator.

  4. Tap Sign in as, and then select the presence status that you want to display when you sign in.

  5. Optionally, do one or all of the following, depending on your preferences:

    • To automatically start Communicator and sign in whenever you start your mobile device, select the Auto connect upon start check box.

    • To automatically sign in to Communicator whenever the device establishes a connection to a network, select the Automatically sign in check box.

    • To change your presence status to Away whenever your screen is off, select the Show me as Away check box, and then tap the arrow to configure a time interval.

      Notes: In order for Communicator Mobile to more accurately detect when to automatically set your presence status to Away or Online, we recommend the following device settings:

      • Backlight: Turn off the backlight if the device has not been used for 30 seconds.

      • Power: Turn off the device if the device has not been used for a period of time that is greater than Communicator Mobile’s Show me as Away interval.

  6. When you are done, configure your account information by following the instructions in Configure your account, beginning with step 2.

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