Configure content database settings

Content databases contain the content of sites created with the Web application.

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Application Management.

  2. On the Application Management page, in the SharePoint Web Application Management section, click Content databases.

  3. On the Manage Content Databases page, click the content database for which you want to configure settings.

  4. On the Manage Content Database Settings page, in the Database Information section, in the Database status list, click one of the following:

    • Ready. Select this option to make the database available to host new sites.

    • Offline. Select this option to make the database unavailable to host new sites.

  5. In the Database Capacity Settings section, in the Number of sites before a warning event is generated box, type a value for the number of sites that can be created before a warning event is logged in the Windows Application Event log.

  6. In the Maximum number of sites that can be created in this database box, type a value for the maximum number of sites that this database can host.

  7. In the Search Server section, in the Select Windows SharePoint Services search server list, click a search server for this database to use.

  8. If you want to remove this database from the server farm, in the Remove Content Database section, select the Remove content database check box.

    • If sites are currently using this database, click OK in the message box to confirm that you want to proceed with the removal.

  9. Click OK.

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