Configure alerts for presence status

You can configure alerts so that Communicator Mobile will notify you when a contact’s presence status changes. Alerts can be configured only for contacts that you have tagged.

To configure visual alerts for presence status

  1. In the main window, click Menu > Options.

  2. Click Alerts. Select Display status alerts for tagged contacts.

  3. To display alerts even when your presence status is set to Do Not Disturb, select the Display alerts when status is Do Not Disturb check box.

    Note: When your presence status is set to Do Not Disturb, Communicator Mobile will only display alerts for tagged contacts that you have granted Team or Personal level access.

  4. When you are finished, click Done.

Note: Ensure that you configure your device’s Sounds settings, in addition to configuring alerts in Communicator Mobile, as described in the following procedures.

To configure device alerts

Note: Audio alerts are not available on all smartphones.

  1. Click Start > Settings > Sounds.

  2. Click Other Sounds, and then, under New instant message, click the sound that you want to alert you to an incoming conversation.

  3. When you are finished, click Done.

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