Configure KPI number formats

To format the numeric KPI values that appear in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer scorecards, use the Editor tab in the KPI workspace. For example, you can add symbols to a number, such as a dollar sign ($), or specify the number of decimal places to display.

Note: Number formats are one of several KPI configuration options that are available in the Editor and Properties tabs of the KPI workspace. To learn more about all KPI configuration options, see the KPI configuration overview.

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Configure KPI number formats

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Configure KPI number formats

By default, each number that appears in the Actual and Targets pane on the Editor tab uses the same format that is associated with it in the originating data source.

To change the format of those numbers, take the following steps:

  1. In the Workspace Browser, double-click the KPI that you want to configure. Two tabs appear in the workspace: Editor and Properties.

  2. Click the Editor tab and then locate the Actual and Targets pane. Click the row that contains the Actual values or the Target values that you want to configure.

  3. In the Number Format column, click Default to display the Format Numbers dialog box.

  4. To enable the dialog box and override the default numbering formats, select the Override Display Format check box. Then, configure one or more of the following options.

    • Number of decimal places     Select a number between 0 and 30 from the drop-down list.

    • Multiplier     Type the decimal number that you want Dashboard Designer to multiply with the selected KPI value. Use multipliers to convert a percentage value, to scale a KPI value for a chart or a graph, or for any other task that requires you to multiply the KPI value.

    • Symbols on the left     Type the symbol, such as $, that you want Dashboard Designer to insert to the left of the KPI value.

    • Symbols on the right    Type the symbol such as % that you want Dashboard Designer to insert to the right of the KPI value.

    • Negative numbers     Select the option button (Use negative sign or Use parentheses) that you want Dashboard Designer to use to indicate a negative number.

    • Show zero as    Type the text that you want Dashboard Designer to use to display a zero value, such as 0, 0.0, no value, and so on.

    • Tooltip      Type the text that you want Dashboard Designer to display with the number as a tooltip.

  5. When you finish configuring the number format, click OK.

  6. Repeat the process for any other rows that you want to configure.

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