Common controls shapes

Options shared by many common controls shapes

Many of the control shapes have the same options.

Right-click a control shape to see the following commands:

  • Enable indicates that the control can be used.

  • Disable indicates that the control cannot be used, usually because of the state of another UI element.

  • Selected indicates that the control is currently affecting the program.

  • Unselected indicates that the control is not currently affecting the program.

  • Mixed Value indicates that the selected items aren't all in the same state.

Common control shapes with special options

In addition to the common options, some shapes have unique ones.

  • Shapes with scroll bars have a Set Thumb Size option.

    Tip: Set the thumb size as large compared to the length of the scroll bar to indicate that most of the document is within view. Set the thumb size as small compared to the length of the scroll bar to indicate that much of the document is not in view.

  • Show Scroll Bar allows you to modify control boxes to show only the scroll bars that you want.

  • Slider shapes have options for how many ticks you want and where to show them.

  • The Mouse pointer shape has a Select mouse pointer option with 15 different states.

Resizing common control shapes

Some common control shapes have special resizing characteristics.

  • Shapes such as the tree node shapes are set at the standard size for that control and can't be resized.

  • Shapes such as the Combo box shape are set at the standard height, but can be made longer.

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