Combine PivotDiagram nodes

You can combine the data from multiple nodes into a single node in your PivotDiagram.

For example, let's say that you have quarterly sales data broken down by salesperson, but 3 of your 10 salespeople have been with the company for only a few weeks. It is too soon to compare the new salespeople to the more experienced staff, so you decide to combine their nodes into one.

  1. Hold down the SHIFT key and select the nodes that you want to combine.

  2. On the PivotDiagram menu, click Merge.

To separate the nodes again, click the merged node and, on the PivotDiagram menu, click Unmerge.

Note: A merged node has multiple entries in its title bar.

For more information about PivotDiagrams, see Create a PivotDiagram.

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