Collaboration commands are unavailable


The commands on the Collaboration menu are unavailable in Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007.

Cause and Resolution

You must be connected to Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 to access the collaboration commands. You might not be connected for either of the following reasons:

  • No connection is created    You have never created a connection to Project Server.

    To resolve this situation, create a connection to Project Server. Find links to more information about creating a connection in the See Also section.

  • Work Offline or local profile is selected    When you started Office Project Professional 2007, in the Login dialog box, you clicked Work Offline or selected a profile that only enables you to work locally.

    In this case, exit Office Project Professional 2007 and then restart the program, making sure to choose to connect when you are prompted.

If you have created a connection to Project Server and you indicate that you want to connect, but you are still not able to connect, check with your server administrator.

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