Check the status of a submitted document

The feature described in this Help topic is available only if any of the following versions of both Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 are installed: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, or Korean.

Once the document is saved in the server, the document is remained in the Proposed by Me folder until the completion of the approval process. The Proposed by Me folder provides the following information about the document:




File type


File name

Current Approvers

Users who currently have approval authorities

Assigned Date

Date and time when approval requests were made of the current approvers


Approval status of the document.

  • Waiting for Approval      The document is waiting for approval by the current approvers.

  • Inactivated      The document has been created but the approval process has not begun.

  • Hold      The current approvers have decided to 'hold' the decision.

  • Canceled      The approval process is canceled.


If there is an attached file, View link is displayed on the Attachment column. Click the link to move to the page where you can verify contents of the attached file. Ask your administrator when an error message appears while moving to the page. Administrator may adjust the attached file allocation specification.


The link to cancel the approval process is displayed. If a document cannot be canceled, a blank is displayed.

If the approval process ends as approved, the document is automatically moved and stored in the appropriate department folder within the Saved folder. If your administrator has specified a separate folder to copy the document in, a copy of the file is also stored in that folder. If the approval process ends as rejected, the document is moved to the Rejected for Me folder. In this case, you need to find out the reason for rejection, modify the document as required, and start the approval process all over again. To learn how to start the approval process again by modifying a rejected or canceled document, see Modify a rejected or canceled docment to resubmit for approval.

You can receive a notification e-mail message when the final approval step is completed if the Group Approval is incorporated with your e-mail system. For information about setting up the notification message, contact your administrator.

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