Changing nameserver records for some custom domain Office 365 scenarios

One option for setting up your domain with Office 365 is to change your nameserver (NS) records at your domain registrar to point to Office 365 nameservers. When you do this, Office 365 makes it easy to use Office 365 services, like email, with your domain by setting up the DNS records for you. The domains setup wizard steps will guide you to use this option if you don't already have a website that you use with your domain (unless you have a GoDaddy domain, in which case we provide a different fast setup option).

To change your domain’s nameservers at your domain registrar’s website, you'll do the following (follow the steps in the setup wizard!):

  1. Find the area on the domain registrar’s website where you can edit the nameservers for your domain.

  2. Create two nameserver records, or edit the existing nameserver records to the following values:

  3. Save your changes.

Tip: Need help? We provide links to step-by-step instructions with detailed instructions for how to update the nameserver records at many common domain registrars.

How does it work?

The servers listed in a domain's name server (NS) records determine where DNS is managed for the domain. So you first change your domain's NS records to point to Office 365, and then Office 365 updates the DNS records required for Office 365 services.

When you choose the option in the domains setup wizard, Office 365, email isn't switched to Office 365 until you change the NS records. After you make the change, Office 365 automatically sets up all the correct values for your MX record for email and other required DNS records.

Office 365 manages DNS records.

Do I have other options?

Alternatively, if you don’t want to change your domain’s NS records, you can instead keep managing your domain’s DNS records at your DNS host and set up your domain’s MX record and other DNS records yourself at your domain registrar (like GoDaddy).

Tip: Don't want to move email for everyone on your domain to Office 365? You can take steps to pilot Office 365 with just a few email addresses instead.

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