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Note: The SharePoint Online Public Website information in this article applies only if your organization purchased Office 365 prior to March 9, 2015. Customers who currently use this feature will continue to have access to the feature for a minimum of two years after the changeover date of March 9, 2015. New customers who subscribed to Office 365 after the changeover date don't have access to this feature. Moving forward, Office 365 customers have access to industry-leading third-party offerings that enable them to have a public website that provides a complete online solution and presence. For more information about this change, see Information about changes to the SharePoint Online Public Website feature in Office 365.

One of the most important and yet simple changes you’ll make to your public website is changing the title. Your title is often the first thing your site visitors look at when they visit your website so it’s a good idea to choose one that describes your business or your mission. The website description is optional but does provide information about the site on search results. Watch the video below for a quick demo. The rest of this article appears below the video.

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Changing the title and description

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Changing the title and description

You can quickly modify the title and description of your public website by logging onto your Office 365 account and then opening your website.

  1. From the public website, click the Site tab.

  2. Click Edit Title to open the Title and Description window.

  3. Enter a new website title in the Title field.
    The new title displays on each page of the website.

  4. Enter a new website description in the Description field.
    The description doesn’t display on the website but does show up on your search results pages.

  5. Click OK to close the Title and Description window.

Change the website logo

Like your title and description, you’ll want to change your website logo to match your business brand or company mission. Learn more in the article Add a business logo to your website.

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See Public Website help for Office 365.

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