Change working days for the project calendar

Project assumes that most people work a standard week, Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. But you don’t have to stick with that schedule. If you want your team to work Saturdays or evenings, so be it. Just change the working time on the project calendar.

  1. Click Project > Change Working Time.

  2. In the For calendar list, pick the calendar type you want to modify.

    If you’re changing the calendar for everyone on your project, pick Standard (Project Calendar).

  3. Click the Work Weeks tab, and select Default.

    Note:  You can create a temporary set of working days with different working times than the usual schedule—for example, if you only need your team to work Saturdays during the summer. Type a new name, use the Start and Finish columns to indicate how long this temporary work schedule lasts, then click Details to set the exact time of day that work should occur.

  4. Click Details.

  5. Select Saturday.

    You can select any day, of course. Or you can select multiple days by pressing Ctrl while you select another day.

  6. Decide if the day is working or non-working by clicking one of the three buttons on the right of the dialog box.

  7. Set the working hours for the day, and then click OK.

    Change the working time on a calendar in Project 2013
    This picture shows how to turn Saturday into a working day

You changed the working days. Now what?

Try this

Here’s how

Add vacation days

Creating a calendar for a specific person (to indicate vacations and other time off) is nearly the same as modifying the project calendar. In Step 1 in the above graphic, select the person whose calendar you want to create, and then go through the same steps.

Learn more about entering vacation days.

Add holidays

Adding holidays that are corporate-wide or nation-wide involves modifying the project calendar.
Learn more about entering Holidays.

Create a non-working day

To change a working day to non-working, use the same process as depicted in the above graphic, except in Step 5 where you would select Set days to nonworking time.

Include non-project work in the schedule

Maybe your team members realistically spend only six hours a day on project tasks, and two hours in meetings and reading email. You change resource availability to six hours per day in the project calendar to create more realistic working times.

Use your updated project calendar in other projects

If you make the same changes to the calendar each time you create a new project, save some time by saving a completed project as a template or adding the calendar to the global file.

Get permission to change the calendar

When you use Project Professional with Project Web App, the project calendar is defined by the enterprise global template. Talk to your administrator to get permission to make changes to the enterprise global template.

Add or change a Calendar

You can add or customize three types of calendars:

  • Project calendar    The default work schedule for all tasks in a project. Use this calendar to change standard work days and organization-wide holidays. Learn more about entering Holidays.

  • Resource calendar    The working times for each person (or object) who works on a project. By default, Project creates resource calendars based on the standard calendar. Use this calendar to change a single resource’s schedule as well as vacation days. Learn more about entering vacation days.

  • Base calendars    The template for the project calendar, resource calendars, and task calendars. Project provides three base calendars:

    • 24-Hours calendar     The 24-Hours calendar reflects a schedule with continuous work, such as a mechanical process.

    • Night Shift calendars    The Night Shift calendar reflects a graveyard shift schedule of Monday night through Saturday morning, 11:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M., with an hour off for break.

    • The Standard calendar    The Standard calendar is the default calendar for the project, and is the basis for resource calendars. This calendar reflects a traditional work schedule: Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., with an hour off for break.

More about calendars and schedules

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