Change the timescale in a view

Some views, such as the Gantt Chart and the usage views, have a timescale that appears above the chart or timephased portion of the view. You can show up to three tiers of timescale in each view and you can format each tier individually. For example, you can specify the time units, date labels, alignment, and other formatting options.

You can also customize the timescale in the Calendar view to meet your needs. For example, you can display 5-day weeks or 7-day weeks, small representations of next and previous months, or days of the week spelled out.

Note: This topic describes how to change the timescale for views. It does not describe how to change resource or task calendars used to schedule your project work.

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Change the timescale in any timephased view

Change the timescale in the Calendar view

Change the timescale in any timephased view

  1. On the View menu, select a view that uses a timescale, such as the Gantt Chart, Task Usage, or Resource Graph view.

  2. On the Format menu, click Timescale, and then click the Top Tier, Middle Tier, or Bottom Tier tab.

  3. In the Show list, select the number of tiers that you want to display in the timescale. By default, two tiers are displayed.

  4. On the tab for the displayed timescale tier, in the Units box, select the time unit that you want to use. The types of units range from years to minutes.

  5. In the Label list, select the label format that you want to use to display the time unit.

  6. In the Count box, type or select a number to specify the frequency of unit labels on the timescale tier.

    For example, if the unit is weeks, and you type 2, then the timescale tier is separated into 2-week segments.

  7. In the Align list, select Left, Center, or Right to align the the label.

  8. To display or hide vertical lines between unit labels, select or clear the Tick lines check box.

  9. To base the timescale tier labels on your fiscal-year settings, select the Use fiscal year check box, or clear the check box to base your timescale tier labels on the calendar year.

  10. To display a horizontal line between the timescale tiers, select the Scale separator check box.

  11. To condense or spread out the columns of the timescale tier, type or select the percentage you want in the Size box.


  • To focus on a specific time period or group of tasks, or to view the entire duration of your project, click Zoom on the View menu, and then select a view option.

  • To quickly magnify or shrink a view, click Zoom In Button image. You can also press CTRL + / (slash on the numeric keypad) to show smaller time units, and CTRL + * (asterisk on the numeric keypad) to show larger time units.

  • To quickly display a selected task in the timephased portion of a view, click Go To Selected Task Button image.

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Change the timescale in the Calendar view

  1. On the View menu, click Calendar.

  2. On the Format menu, click Timescale, and then click the Week Headings tab.

  3. In the Monthly titles, Daily titles, and Weekly titles boxes, click the date formats that you want to use for the Calendar view.

  4. Under Display, click 7 days to display a 7-day week or click 5 days to display a 5-day week.

  5. To add miniature calendars for the next and previous months, select the Display month pane check box.

  6. To show the beginning and end dates for the range of time you have chosen to view, select the Display monthly titles beginning and end dates.

  7. Click the Date Boxes tab.

  8. Under Top row and Bottom row, select the information that you want to display in the left and right portions of each row, and then select the patterns and colors you want.


  • To change the appearance of working and nonworking days, click Timescale on the Format menu, click the Date Shading tab, and then click the name of the calendar that you want to change in the Show working time for box. In the Exception type list, click the type of date box you want to change, and then select a pattern and color.

  • To change the column width, drag any vertical line between two date boxes to the left to decrease column width or to the right to increase column width. To fit the displayed columns exactly to the width of the calendar area, double-click any vertical line between two date boxes.

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