Change the settings for your alerts

Alerts are notifications of changes to content on a site that you receive as e-mail messages or text messages to your mobile phone, depending on how your site is configured. You can use the Manage Alerts on this Site page to view and cancel alerts, or to change the settings for your alerts. If you have permission to manage a site, you can also view and cancel alerts for other people.

Tip:  Depending on how your site and servers are set up, your alert e-mail message may contain an alert settings link. If you find the link, you can skip step 1 below and instead click the link to go to the My Alerts on this Site page where you manage your alerts.

  1. To view your alerts from a page on the site, click Page > Alert Me > Manage My Alerts.

    Note:  From a library or list, click Library or List (instead of Page) to find the Alert Me button. The exact names of the tabs vary if you are in a specialized list, such as a tasks list or calendar list. For example, a calendar list has Events and Calendar tabs where you can find the Alert Me button.

    Manage My Alerts

    1. Click the name of the alert that you want to change.

    2. On the Edit Alert page, change the settings that you want to change, and click OK.

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