Change the look of your website

Your website colors, background, and typeface all make up the look of your public website. You can change the look so that it reflects your business brand. Depending on your business, you may want to use the same colors and design of your logo, your products, or your place of business. In your Office 365 public website, it’s quick and simple to change the look of your website, and you have numerous designs to choose from. Watch the video below for a quick demo. The rest of this article appears below the video.

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Note   SkyDrive is now OneDrive, and SkyDrive Pro is now OneDrive for Business. Read more about this change at From SkyDrive to OneDrive.

Choose a new look

The first step to change the overall appearance of your website is to change the look. To change the look, you open the website editor and follow these steps.

  1. On your public website, click the Site tab.

  2. Click Change the Look.

  3. On the Change the Look page, you see a set of designs to choose from. To see more designs, click the navigation links at the bottom of the page.
    Change public website look

    Note    If this page doesn’t display or displays with script errors, your Theme Gallery may be missing the 15 folder. If this is the case, restore the folder and its contents using the Site contents > Recycle Bin.

  4. Select the design you want to use and then customize the design with a new background, layout, colors, and fonts.
    Change the look of the public website

  5. To change the background, click Change and browse to the new image you want to use. Or, to remove the background image, click Remove.

  6. To change the colors used in the design, click the color menu, scroll through the color schemes, and select the one you want to use.

  7. To change the layout of the website, choose from the available site layouts. (The site layouts that appear are based on the available master pages for your site.)

  8. To change the font and typeface on the website, select a font set, like Segue UI, Georgia, or Rockwell.

  9. When finished, click Try it out, which opens a preview of your website using the new look.

  10. To go back to the previous screen and change the design more, choose No, not quite there yet, then repeat steps 5-10.

  11. If you like the design and want to apply it to your website, choose Yes, keep it. This takes you to your actual website with the applied design.

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What’s next

Once you choose and customize a design for your site, you can then begin customizing individual pages and the site. See Public Website help for Office 365. Also, for advanced website design, see Use Design Manager with your Public Website in Office 365.

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Applies To: SharePoint Online, Office 365 End User, SharePoint Online Website

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