Change the formatting of a style

In Microsoft Office Word 2007, Quick Styles are sets of styles that are designed to work together to create an attractive and professional looking document. In most cases, you won't change styles in a Quick Style set because the styles have been designed to complement one another, and it's easier to use a different Quick Style set. But, under certain circumstances, you might want to change the attributes of a style in a Quick Style set.

  1. Select text that is styled with the style attributes that you want to change.

    For example, to change the attributes of the Heading 1 style, select text that has the Heading 1 style applied.

    Tip: To view the attributes of a particular style, click the Styles Dialog Box Launcher, and then rest your pointer over a style in the list.

    Styles Dialog Box Launcher

  2. Format the selected text with the new attributes that you want.

    For example, you might decide that you want to change the point size for the Heading 1 style from 16 points to 14 points.

  3. On the Home tab, in the Styles group, right-click the style that you want to change.

    Word Ribbon Image

  4. Click Update to Match Selection.

    Note: All text with the style that you changed will automatically change to match the new style that you defined.

Tip: If you changed the styles in a document and the styles are not updating the way you expected, click the Styles Dialog Box Launcher, and then click Style Inspector to find out whether text was manually formatted instead of formatted by using styles.

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