Change the color of messages in your Inbox

When you start Microsoft Office Outlook in the morning to check your e-mail, are you looking specifically for messages sent only to you? You can easily find them at a glance by color-coding messages addressed only to you. This helps you to prioritize those messages over those you receive from distribution lists or where you are addressed on the Cc or Bcc lines of messages.

Color messages sent only to you

  1. On the Tools menu, click Organize.

    Ways to organize Inbox

  2. In the Ways to Organize Inbox dialog box, click Using Colors.

  3. After Show messages sent only to me in, click the color that you want in the list.

  4. Click Turn on.

  5. Close the Ways to Organize Inbox dialog box.


    • To further customize how these messages appear, such as their font style and size, click Using Colors, and then click Automatic Formatting in the Ways to Organize Inbox dialog box.

    • To turn off the color setting, click Turn off.

    • To change the color, click Turn off, click the color that you want in the list, and then click Turn on.

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Applies To: Outlook 2007

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