Cancel online vendor payments

After you issue an online payment to pay a bill or a vendor payment, you have a period of time when you can cancel the payment from Microsoft Office Accounting. The amount of time is usually between three to five days and depends on your bank or financial institution's payment processing policy. Check with your bank or financial institution to find out what this policy is.

  1. On the Vendors menu, point to Vendor Lists, and then click Vendor Payments.

  2. Click Current View, and then select Issued.

    Note: All issued vendor payments and paid bills appear as Vendor Payment in the Type column.

  3. Double-click the online payment that you want to cancel.

    Note: When you open an issued paid bill, it appears as a vendor payment.

  4. On the Actions menu, click Cancel Payment.

  5. Enter your information in the Enter User ID and Password dialog box.

The following messages appear as a result of canceling or voiding online vendor payments.

  • If the payment cancellation is successful, the message gives you the option of voiding the transaction in Office Accounting. We recommend that you void your canceled online payment at this time.

  • If the payment cancellation fails, the message gives the reasons for the failure. You have the option to void the transaction in Accounting at this time, however it is suggested that you wait until you contact the bank to find out if you can actually cancel the transaction.

  • If you void an issued online vendor payment, the message gives you the option to cancel the online payment.

    Note: If you void an online vendor payment in Accounting and the online payment cannot be canceled, you must create another payment in Accounting, either now or during your account reconciliation.

  • If you attempt to cancel an online vendor payment that has already been canceled, the message notifies you that the payment cannot be canceled.

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