Cancel a Lync or Skype meeting

You set up a Skype for Business meeting and now you no longer need to hold the meeting or you decide to meet in person. You can delete or cancel a Skype for Business meeting a few different ways.

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Delete or cancel a Skype Meeting

If you no longer need to hold the meeting, simply cancel the Skype Meeting.

Change a Skype Meeting to an in-person meeting

Cancel the original Skype Meeting and schedule a new in-person meeting.

Note: Deleting the Skype Meeting information from the meeting details, such as the Join Skype Meeting and Try Skype Web App links, doesn’t change it to an in-person meeting. After the change, the meeting continues to have the properties associated with a Skype Meeting: in Outlook, the Meeting ribbon includes the Skype Meeting options and the Calendar view offers the Join Skype Meeting option. In addition, the change can trigger a Skype Meeting URL Error with older versions of Skype for Business client, followed by a restoration of the Skype Meeting information.

Decline a Skype Meeting

If you want to decline a Skype Meeting invitation or change your response to a meeting that you’ve already accepted, follow these steps.

  1. Open the meeting invitation. This can be either the original invitation request or the meeting as it appears in your Outlook Calendar.

  2. In the Respond group, click Decline.

  3. Click Send.

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