Can Level (resource field)

Data Type    Yes/No

Entry Type    Entered

Description    The Can Level field indicates whether resource leveling can be done on a resource.

Best Uses    Add the Can Level field to a resource sheet when you want to specify that certain resources should never be leveled, and then click No in the field. Click Yes in the Can Level field when you want to specify that resources should be leveled.

Example    You only have access to a specific resource for a limited period of time. So you don't want the scheduling of the resource's assignments to change if you level the project, even if this resource is overallocated. You add the Can Level field to the Resource Sheet view, and then for this resource, you click No.

Remarks    The default for the Can Level field is Yes. If you click No, any leveling will always ignore the resource, even if you have selected the resource for leveling.

Applies To: Project 2007, Project 2010, Project 2010 Standard, Project Professional 2013, Project 2013 Standard

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