Call Forwarding Settings for Remote Call Control

When your organization is configured for Remote Call Control, you can turn call forwarding on and off, specify a call forwarding number, and choose your default device for outgoing calls.

Note   Call forwarding is available only if your organization is configured to support it. If you are not sure about which Office Communicator 2007 features are enabled, contact your system administrator.

To forward your calls

  • In the Office Communicator main window, click the Call-Forwarding button, point to Call Forwarding On, and then do one of the following:

    • Click one of the numbers listed. Available numbers are those that you already configured using the Options dialog box Phone tab, or entered using the New Number command.

    • Click New Number and specify a new number for call forwarding. For format guidelines when entering a new number, see Edit Phone Number.

To set your preferred calling device

  1. In the Office Communicator main window, click the Call-Forwarding button, and then click Call Forwarding Settings.

  2. Under Outgoing Calls, in the My preferred calling device drop-down list, select Phone or Computer. If you choose to call from your computer, you must have a headset, speakers and microphone, or equivalent device.

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Applies To: Communicator 2007 R2

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