Calendar basics

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Watch these videos to get familiar with the calendar in Outlook 2013. You can keep things simple, or use Outlook to manage complex meetings and schedules.

Inside this course:

Create an appointment (3:38)
Start by adding a new appointment or a new meeting. The only difference is that a meeting includes other people.

Calendar views (2:09)
In this video, learn how to get a handle on your schedule by changing how you view the calendar.

Create a meeting (2:16)
All we have to do is invite people to the appointment we created in the first movie, and then we can turn it into a meeting.

Use the Scheduling Assistant (2:33)
This video shows you how to use the Scheduling Assistant to help handle complex meetings with lots of attendees.

Share your calendar (4:14)
In the previous movie, you saw one example of calendar sharing in the Scheduling Assistant. But you can do even more.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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