CHAR function

Returns the character specified by a number. Use CHAR to translate code page numbers you might get from files on other types of computers into characters.


CHAR (number)




A number between 1 and 255 specifying which character you want. The character is from the character set used by your computer.

Character set

Operating environment

Character set


Macintosh character set



To make the following example easier to understand, you can copy the data to a blank sheet and then enter the function underneath the data. Do not select the row or column headings (1, 2, 3... A, B, C...) when you copy the sample data to a blank sheet.

For mula

Description (Result)

=CHAR (65)

Displays the 65th character in the set (A)

=CHAR (33)

Displays the 33rd character in the set (!)

See also

CODE function

List of all functions (by category)

Applies To: Excel for Mac 2011

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