Business Contact form in Business Contact Manager

On a Business Contact form, you can enter extensive information about a Business Contact, including source, status, and personal information, as well as communication history items and additional details you can customize. This information is then stored as a Business Contact record.

The form contains four views: General, Details, Communication History, and User-Defined Fields. Each view contains one or more sections.

To enter multiple entries in a field, such as more than one address or e-mail address, click the down arrow   Button image   next to the field.

The General view

The General view contains the following sections where you can enter or edit information about the Business Contact.

  • Business contact

    Type the Business Contact's name and job title, or click the Full Name button to select it from a list.

  • Company name or linked account

    To link the Business Contact record to an Account record, click the Account button, select an Account from the list, and then click the Link to button. To link the Business Contact record to a company name that is not in the list, type the name in the text field.

  • Phone numbers

    Enter the Business Contact’s phone numbers.

  • Addresses

    Enter the default business address to associate with this Business Contact. If you have more than one address for a Business Contact, to establish which address is used during mail merge*, select the This is the mailing address check box.

    *Mail merge requires Publisher or Word. The stand-alone edition of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager can be used with the 2007 or 2003 versions of Publisher and Word.

  • Source information

    Select the source of the Business Contact.

    For more detailed information, click the Initiated by button. In the Select a Campaign, Business Contact, Opportunity, or Business Project dialog box, from the Folder, select a list to display its items, and then select an item that best describes how the first interaction happened with the Business Contact. To link the item to the Business Contact record, click the Link To button. To create a new item, click New, or click Open to open the selected item.

  • Internet

    Enter the e-mail address or addresses associated with this Business Contact. To specify how a Business Contact's name is displayed in the To: line of a message, type the name in the Display As box. Type the Business Contact's instant messaging address in the IM address box.

    To add a picture of the Business Contact, click the picture frame.

    contact picture

    In the Add Contact Picture dialog box, locate the folder that contains the picture you want to add, and then double-click the picture file to add it. The picture is automatically sized to fit.

  • Business Card

    By default, Business Contact information you have already created appears in the Business Card.

    electronic business card

    To add or edit a Business Card, in the Options group, click Business Card.

  • Classification

    Select or clear a check box to mark the Business Contact as Lead or Active. Click the down arrow   Button image  in the field to select who the Business Contact is assigned to, the rating, and payment status.

Note: In the General view, the Source, Area of interest, and Classification section fields are customizable. For more information about how you can add more users to the Assigned to list through.

The Details view

The Details view contains job-related and personal information, communication preferences, and comments. You can paste comments from other files or add comments directly to the Business Contact record.

  • Job information

    As applicable, enter the job department, office, profession, and manager's and assistant's names for this Business Contact.

  • Communication

    Click the down arrow   Button image   in the Preferred method field to select the preferred method of communication for this Business Contact, or click Edit this list to add, edit, or remove items in the list. Select the Do not call, Do not e-mail, Do not fax, or Do not mail check boxes to indicate forms of communication that should not be used for this Business Contact.

  • Personal information

    As applicable, enter the nickname, title, suffix, birthday, hobbies, spouse or partner, children, and anniversary information for this Business Contact.

  • Comments

    You can paste comments from other files or add comments directly to the Business Contact record. Click the Add Time Stamp button to date your comments.

The Communication History view

The Communication History view contains all the communication history items linked with this record. Click the down arrow   Button image   in the View field to select a view type for the list. Double-click a communication history item to open it. You can create more detailed history about a Business Contact by clicking the New button, and then linking an item—such as a business note, phone log, appointment, or task—to the record.

The User-Defined Fields view

The User-Defined Fields view contains custom fields that you create and organize. Fields are organized by group and displayed in two columns.

On the Ribbon, in the Options group, click the Customize Form button to either create or manage groups and fields.

Ribbon navigation

The form contains the following buttons — located on the Ribbon, which is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface — that are specific to Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

In the group





Display the General view on the form, which allows you to enter basic information.



Display the Details view on the form, which allows you to enter more personalized information.



Display all communication history items for this specific record.


User-Defined Fields

Display all user-defined fields that have been customized for this form.


New History Item

Add a new business note, phone log, Opportunity, Business Project, task, e-mail message, appointment, or file to the Communication History of the record.


Customize Form

Add user-defined fields to this form.


E-mail Auto-link

Automatically link e-mail messages to and from the e-mail address in this record.

Note: If there is no available e-mail address, this button appears dimmed.


Business Card

Add a Business Card, including a picture if you want.


Check Names

Resolve the e-mail address or linked record, and ensure it is valid.

Note: To access the Business Contact form, on the Business Contact Manager menu, click Business Contacts, and then double-click a Business Contact.

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