Business Contact Manager for Outlook E-mail Marketing Service: Send Marketing Campaign

Important: Service Closure Notice Microsoft will discontinue the E-mail Marketing Service effective May 1, 2009, but you can continue to use the service until May 1, 2009.

After you have completed these settings, you are ready to send your e-mail messages from your Marketing Campaign through the E-Mail Marketing Service.

To see the results of your campaign, in Outlook, open the Marketing Campaign form and, on the Ribbon, in the Show group, click Track.

To see these results, remember to link the Business Contacts to the Marketing Campaign. To do this, in the Source information section of the Business Contact form, in the Source list, select E-mail Campaign, and in the Initiated By list, select the specific Marketing Campaign.

Note: This is part of the process of creating a distribution list in the E-Mail Marketing Service for your Marketing Campaign, and then tracking the results. Just select the E-Mail Marketing Service as the distribution method on your Marketing Campaign form. To create a Marketing Campaign, on the Business Contact Manager menu, click Marketing Campaign, and then click New.

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