Budget List: options and information

Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 and Microsoft Office Accounting Standard 2008 only.

The Budget List provides a summarized view of the budgets that you have created in Microsoft Office Accounting 2008.

Open the list

  • On the Company menu, point to Company Lists, and then click Budgets.

For detailed information about how to find information in a list, sort or move columns, or modify, print, or export a list, see Working with lists.

List columns

List columns and descriptions

Information in the list is read-only. To modify a budget, open it from the list.



Budget Name

Displays the name assigned to a budget.

Fiscal Period Start

Displays the beginning date of the fiscal period that the budget covers.

Fiscal Period End

Displays the ending date of the fiscal period that the budget covers.

Date Created

Displays the date the budget was created.

Created By

Displays the name of the user who created the budget.

Last Modified

Displays the date the budget was most recently modified. If the budget has not been modified, the date the budget was created is displayed.


Tasks you can perform in the Budget List

You can perform these tasks in the Budget List.



Add a new budget

In the upper-left corner of the Budget List, click Add a new Budget.

Edit a budget

Double-click a budget to open it.

Additional actions

Actions menu commands

On the Actions menu, you can select the following commands.




Look for a budget in the list.

Export to Excel

Export the Budget List to Microsoft Office Excel.

New Budget

Create a budget.

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