Beginner's Training for Office 2003

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Sometimes it feels as if computers can do anything — except tell you how to use them. And there’s so much to learn: new programs, new versions of programs, and new uses for programs that people expect you to know already.

Get free training

Many times, you’re on your own, Would it help if somebody explained? At your desk? Slowly, with pictures? And with exercises you could do at your own speed? For free?

Use the links below to get free Training courses on Office Online that will clue you in. There are more than 150 courses at Office Online, but these are good ones to start with if you’re starting from scratch.

Create your first Excel workbook

Get to know Excel formulas

Get to know Visio

Visio shapes basics

Get to know Access

Get to know OneNote

Outlook address basics

Get to know your Inbox

Get to know your Calendar

Get started with FrontPage

Get started with PowerPoint

Get started with Publisher

Start editing in Word

What's XML?

What are hyperlinks?

Clip art basics

Security basics

Research basics

How to get training

Office Online requires Internet access. How do you know whether you have Internet access? If you’re reading this, you do. For times when you aren't connected to the Internet, you can download shorter Microsoft PowerPoint versions of training courses to study on your own computer.

You can see all the courses available at the Training home page. Whether you’re trying to catch up or keep up, there’s plenty of help close at hand. And if you don’t see what you want, please ask for it. “Send Us Your Comments” — it’s under Support and Feedback on the left side of that page.

Applies To: Visio 2007

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