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Joy E. Miller

By Joy E. Miller

Are you a parent of children who play sports? Are you a coac h or the designated "team mom"? Most importantly, if you are the person who plans the end-of-season parties and orders the player and coach trophies, you might find this article helpful.

I have twin boys in elementary school who play many different sports throughout the year. During soccer season last year, I volunteered to be the "team mom". At the end of the season, in addition to presenting the players with trophies, I decided that it would also be nice to hand each player an award certificate. I searched the Internet and found that there are many different certificates out there. However, most are not free!

I work with PowerPoint in my job, so it didn't take me long to realize that I could create my own custom soccer award certificates using PowerPoint. I not only had fun creating one for soccer, but I also created award certificates for baseball, basketball, and football. Since then, I've created many other types of templates (a file that you can easily share and reuse) — for example, a Science Fair presentation, a travel keepsake photo album, an animated rolling credits template, and several other templates with great backgrounds and coordinated themes. For a detailed definition of a PowerPoint template, see the section entitled 'What is a PowerPoint 2007 template?' in the article Create a PowerPoint 2007 template.

You can create your own award certificates — or use one from Office Online Templates. You can download hundreds of free, pre-designed templates with different themes from Office Online Templates. Take a look for yourself!

I have found that the templates I created for the players, work exceptionally well for the coaches too!

To use one of the sports award certificates that I created, click the caption below each image to download it.

Soccer Award Certificate

Soccer Award Certificate

Baseball Award Certificate

Baseball Award Certificate

Basketball Award Certificate

Basketball Award Certificate

Football Award Certificate

Football Award Certificate

Note   To see a demonstration on how to download templates from Office Online, click the link below.

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Download templates from Office Online

About the author

Joy Miller has worked as a technical writer for Microsoft for almost 10 years. In her earlier years at Microsoft, Joy wrote technical content for IT Professionals in Windows on topics such as Active Directory, Software Distribution, and Group Policy. She decided 7 years ago that it would be much more fun to connect with people who use Office desktop applications. She has worked on Office products including Word, FrontPage, Windows SharePoint Services, and PowerPoint.

Applies To: PowerPoint 2007

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