Average daily balance template in Planning Business Modeler

The rule that you can create by using the AverageDailyBalance template calculates the average daily amount for an account.

Average daily balances are often used to calculate finance charges on credit lines or deposit accounts. Financial institutions often base their assessments of balance sheet accounts on average daily balances. Daily balances can also be used for analyzing order counts or store traffic.

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Placeholder substitution requirements


The following list shows the tasks that are prerequisite for a rule that you create with this template:

  • Your model must be associated with an assumptions model that contains the number of days for each period. The assumptions model must include the Scenario and Time dimensions. In addition, the hierarchy of the Time dimension in the assumptions model should match the hierarchy of the Time dimension in the model that contains this rule. For more information, see About assumption models.

  • You must create a member in the Scenario dimension that the rule can use to hold computed values. PerformancePoint Planning Server provides a script to create such a member. It is named VarPctActual-Budget. For more information, see Script to create dimension members for rule templates.

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A rule that is created from this template is a Definition rule with MdxScript implementation. Every time that you query a cell set that falls in the scope that is defined by the rule or script, PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler runs this rule and caches the script in the cube.

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Placeholder substitution requirements

To convert this template into a business rule, you must substitute actual dimension values for the placeholders in the templates. For information about how to substitute values, see Filling a placeholder in a rule template.

The following table describes the placeholder substitutions that you must make to create a business rule from this template.



<<[Scenario].[Hierarchy]. [VarPctActual-Budget]>>

Script-defined member of the Scenario dimension.

<<[Account].[Hierarchy]. [ADB_TARGETACCOUNT]>>

User-defined member of the Account dimension that stores the calculated average daily balance.


Time dimension value that specifies the granularity of the models.

<<[Account].[Hierarchy]. [ADB_SOURCEACCOUNT]>>

Source cash account for calculating average daily balance.


Name of assumptions model that contains the number of days by period. This value must be a valid string.

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