Available Publisher Web Hosting Services

Publisher Web Hosting Overview

This page lists third-party hosting services that support Web sites you've created in Microsoft Publisher. After signing up with one of the hosting services, publish your Web site to the Web by using the Publish to Web command in Microsoft Office Publisher 2003. For more information about this feature, see Publish a Publisher Web site.

Available Publisher Web Hosting Services

Aplus.Net hosting services can help you build a powerful Web presence with your Microsoft Publisher Web site. Winner of the CNET Editor’s Choice Award, Aplus.Net offers 500 MB storage, 40 GB bandwidth, 50 email addresses, virus and spam protection, site builder and easy-to-use marketing and e-commerce tools to maximize your investment, starting at $9.95 a month. You’ll also receive access to Aplus.Net’s toll-free 24x7 live support. Sign up with Aplus.Net.*

To see other third-party services and products that work with Office please visit the Office Marketplace.

Applies To: Publisher 2010

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