Available Digital IDs

Digital IDs for Microsoft Office 2007

Digital IDs help to validate your identity, and they can be used to sign important documents electronically. To find services that issue digital IDs for your use, or services that complement the Microsoft Office 2007 system and use digital IDs, check out the services listed here.

Available Digital IDs

ARX CoSign Digital Signatures: Obtain your Digital ID to digitally sign legally enforceable documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and other formats immediately. Your digital signature is embedded into the Microsoft Office (2000/XP/2003/2007) document and is verifiable by anyone, anywhere, anytime, without the need for proprietary verification software. To learn more, download a free trial, and start digitally signing your documents, visit the ARX Web site.*

Avoco secure2trust: Enterprise rights management to protect your document content. secure2trust will allow you to control who accesses your content and what they can do with it, as well as the approval process of the content using digital signatures. secure2trust integrates with your enterprise authentication systems such as Active Directory and digital certificates to ensure that your sensitive information and intellectual property are only accessed by the correct persons. To learn more and purchase secure2trust, visit the Avoco Web site.*

GlobalSign PersonalSign & ObjectSign Digital IDs from GlobalSign are perfectly suited for use within Microsoft Office. Digitally sign your Outlook e-mails, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets & PowerPoint Presentations with PersonalSign, a fully S/MIME compliant Digital ID. If you include Macros written in Visual Basic for Applications digitally sign these with an ObjectSign Digital ID. What ever way you choose to authenticate and secure your office documents, GlobalSign provides you with a solution. To learn more about GlobalSign digital signatures, visit the GlobalSign Web site.*

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