AutoText descriptions in Management Reporter

The following table describes the Insert AutoText codes.



Header from codes:


Entity description


Entity name


Unit name in reporting tree


Title in reporting tree


Unit name


Report name


Report description


Row definition name


Row definition description


Column definition name


Column definition description


Reporting tree definition name


Reporting tree definition description

Date and time codes:


Report date in text form


Report date in numeric form


Number of periods covered in numeric form


Number of periods covered in text form


Period covered in text form

@PeriodCoverage @DateLong

Period covered and report date in text form


Current system date


Current system time

Page number codes:


Current page number


Total number of pages

@Page of @Pages

Current page number of the total number of pages; for example, 1 of 2.

Text fields from Reporting Tree codes:


Text 1 from reporting tree


Text 2 from reporting tree


Text 3 from reporting tree


Text 4 from reporting tree


Text 5 from reporting tree


Text 6 from reporting tree


Text 7 from reporting tree


Text 8 from reporting tree


Text 9 from reporting tree


Text 10 from reporting tree

Other codes:


Rounding precision


Report output name from Output and Distribution tab


Building block group name


Building block group description


Empty line

Top of Page

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