Attach a file or a folder to a message

You can send files and folders by attaching them to an e-mail message. When you attach a folder, Outlook compresses the contents of the folder into a single .zip file.

  1. In your message, on the Message tab, click Attach.

      Meeting tab, group 5

  2. Locate the item or folder that you want to attach, select it, and then click Choose.

    If you are attaching a folder, on the confirmation dialog box, click Compress.


    • A list of the attachments to the message appears below the Subject box.

    • To remove an attachment from a message, hold down CONTROL and click the attachment, and then click Remove.

    • You can also add attachments by dragging a file or folder from the desktop or Finder into the body of the message.

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Applies To: Outlook for Mac 2011

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