Assignment example: Assigning with a member reference in Planning Business Modeler

In addition to literal values, an assignment expression can use member references and operators.

The following example shows an assignment that is based on an operator-driven calculation that uses a member reference. The example assigns the result of the calculation to the dimensional intersection that the SCOPE expression defines, referenced by the keyword THIS.

// SCOPE expression
[Currency].[All Members].[USD]
[Entity].[ResortOps].[Resort - Tahoe]
// Scenario dimension is forecast
[Scenario].[All Members].[Forecast]
// Time dimension is January 2001
[Time].[Monthly].[Month 1 Year 2001],
// Product dimension indicates ski tuning
[Product].[ResortProducts].[Ski Tuning]
// Statement that makes actual assignment
// Member reference is ([Scenario].[All Members].[Budget])
THIS = ([Scenario].[All Members].[Budget]) * 10;

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