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Important: Effective December 31, 2019, Microsoft StaffHub will be retired. We're building StaffHub capabilities, including schedule and task management, into Microsoft Teams. To learn more, read Microsoft StaffHub to be retired.

Last updated 4 October, 2019

When StaffHub provisions accounts for firstline workers, it assigns them to the StaffHubProvisionedUsers security group. However, it doesn't automatically assign them a license. If your business wants everyone in the StaffHubProvisionedUsers security group to have a StaffHub license, consider using the group-based licensing feature in Azure Active Directory. This feature, which is currently in preview, makes it easy to assign licenses to everyone who is a member of a security group.

To learn more, see Group-based licensing basics in Azure Active Directory and Assign licenses to a group Azure Active Directory. You'll need a subscription for Azure AD Basic or above to be able to use this feature in preview.

Assign StaffHub licenses to members of the StaffHubProvisionedUsers security group as a one-time event

We recommend using group-based licensing to assign licenses continuously, as people are added to the StaffHubProvisionedUsers security group. However, if you want to assign licenses to only to those people currently in the StaffHubProvisionedUsers security group, here's how.

$groupID = (Get-MsolGroup | Where {$_.DisplayName -eq $groupName}).ObjectID
$license = "litwareinc:ENTERPRISEPACK"
$grpMem=Get-MsolGroupMember -GroupObjectId $groupID
$grpMem | ForEach {Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName $_.EmailAddress -AddLicenses $license}

Where you replace "litwareinc" with your domain and ENTPRISEPACK with the name of your AccountSkuID. To get your AccountSkuID, use run the Get-MsolAccountSku cmdlet.

IMPORTANT: When you assign the licensing plan to those users, they will get every service that's available in that licensing plan. Depending on your business needs, you may want to disable all the other services except for "DESKLESS". For instructions, see Disable access to services with Office 365 Powershell.

Assign licenses in bulk

For instructions, see Assign licenses to user accounts with Office 365 PowerShell.

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