Animate a word on a slide in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

You can animate a single word on a slide to emphasize a point. Most animation effects apply to all text on the slide, so to animate a single word, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a shape and add text to it..

  2. Set the shape properties to No line and No fill, and then format the text so it looks like the rest of your slide.

  3. Apply the animation effects you want.

Here's a detailed example:

Insert a shape with text

  1. Create a new slide, click Click to add text, and enter There's just one word for it:.

  2. On the Home tab, click Shapes > Rectangle, and then click or anywhere on your slide to insert the shape.

  3. Ctrl+click the shape, click Edit text, and then enter WOW!.

    Edit the shape text so it says WOW!

Apply formatting

  1. Select the shape text, and then on the Home tab, choose the same font style and color as the rest of the text on your slide. You may need to resize the shape to show all the text on one line.

    Choose the font style and color for the text
  2. Double-click the shape, and in the properties pane at the right, go to Format Shape > Shape Options.

    Format the shape in the properties pane on the right
  3. Under Fill, choose No fill.

  4. Under Line, choose No line.

  5. Place the shape so the text is where you want it. Your slide now looks something like this:

    Align the shape text with the regualr text so it looks the same

Animate the text

Now let's add Fly in and Spin animations to the text.

  1. Select the shape text and click the Animations tab.

  2. Click Fly in.

    Choose Fly in on the animations tab
  3. Select the text again and click Spin. The Animations property pane now looks like this:

    Set animation options in the properties pane
  4. (Optional) In the Animations property pane, select each animation step and adjust the Effects options and Timing settings as required. Learn more.

  5. To preview the animation, select the first animation and click Play From.

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