After you add your custom domain, get Office 365 email in Outlook

After you add a custom domain for your organization (like in Office 365 for business, you can send and receive email with the domain (like right in the Office 365 portal. When you change your email to Office 365, by updating your domain's MX record, ALL email sent to that domain will start coming to Office 365. (Not using Office 365 for business? Check out these Outlook setup steps for other email services.)

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Want to use Office 365 email with your custom domain in your Outlook program on your desktop? You can do that too. Follow the steps to set up email in Outlook (for Windows).

Tip:  You can also set up Outlook on your desktop to work with your original email address, if you don’t have a custom domain or you’re just trying out the service. Or, if you don't want to move email for everyone on your domain to Office 365, you can take steps to pilot Office 365 with just a few email addresses instead.

But first, make sure your Office 365 email is working with your domain

For Office 365 email on your custom domain to work with Outlook on your desktop, email first has to work correctly in the portal. If you can’t send and receive email in the Office 365 portal, check for these possible issues. After you can send and receive email in the portal, try again to set up Outlook with your custom email address.

  • If you chose (in the domains setup wizard) to have Office 365 manage your DNS records:    When you added your custom domain in the Office 365 setup wizard, did you finish all the steps in the wizard, including completing the process to change your name server (NS) records to Office 365? That final step allows Office 365 to set up email with your domain for you.

  • If you’re managing your domain's DNS records yourself:    Did you set up the MX and CNAME records for Exchange Online at your DNS host (like GoDaddy or eNom)? They’re required for email to work for Office 365 for business. (Learn how to set up email records at many popular domain registrars.)

  • If you’ve set up the records but aren't getting email in the Office 365 portal:    If Office 365 for business email doesn’t work in Office 365, it probably won’t work in Outlook on your desktop either. Track down the Office 365 issues first (see the steps in the Still need help? section below). After any email flow issues are fixed, then follow step-by-step instructions to set up an email account in Outlook on your desktop.

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